Training Seminars

WILD offers training and spiritual leadership development. We teach on Biblical worldview through simple, culturally transferable training materials. The goal of this training is to promote vision, personal growth, and community.

Our seminars take place in Africa, Asia, and the United States. We embrace this diversity of cultures while maintaining unity in the Scriptures. All of our training materials are completely Bible based. We believe that God’s Word is the foundation for all areas of belief and practice. It is what brings about transformation in human lives.

What makes WILD seminars unique is our focus on mindful and intentional development of leaders. This focus is a key strategy in our ministry. We invest our resources in order to raise up leaders who will then train the next generation of church leaders.

It is with this vision in mind that we offer coaching to those individuals who demonstrate their potential for spiritual leadership. Our training materials can either be used by someone who has been to Bible school or by those who have not had higher education. This allows individuals who are gifted to participate in the program even if they have not had the privilege of further education.

After attending the training seminars, our leaders are encouraged to put their training into practice. They hold youth rallies in order to train young people in Biblical principles and discipleship. We believe that this is the most effective way to fulfill the Great Commission.

These training seminars are held in each of our locations throughout the year. This allows our leaders to remain with their families while keeping in close communication with their team. This also fulfills our core value of developing relationships and community.
Please pray for our key leaders in each of our regions in Zambia, Liberia, Uganda, Namiba, Malawi and Nepal. Pray that God will continue to make the connections we need to promote His kingdom around the world.