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Wise Intentional Leadership Deveolpment

Our History

Headwaters Christian Youth (HCY) began in 1972 through the vision of a handful of adults who met together for Bible study. From a small, weekly Bible study group in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, the youth ministry has grown to students from all the surrounding communities. Anywhere from a few to several hundred students are involved in clubs, Bible quizzing, rallies, lock-ins, service projects and camps.

Fifteen years ago, Wise, Intentional Leadership Development (WILD) was founded by HCY’s Executive Director, Mike Prom, to train and develop the volunteers who were involved in HCY and local churches. HCY’s Board of Directors felt that in order to be effective in ministry, such leadership development was needed. Thus, WILD was incorporated into the goals of HCY.

As WILD developed, the need for understandable, cost-effective training and materials became apparent. At the same time through missionary and national contacts, WILD was being invited to offer leadership training overseas that would be inexpensive and culturally transferable.

In May 2001, WILD trainers taught spiritual leadership to leaders (including pastors) from Tanzania, Kenya, and Malawi. This was the first international attempt at teaching spiritual leadership material. Prior to that, the material was taught to teenagers from eight U.S. states which continue today more on a local basis.

At the invitation of a SIM (Serving In Missions) missionary in Zambia in 2004, WILD taught spiritual leadership development to two churches and that training process has steadily grown to ten other countries. In the past ten years, WILD has been teaching leadership to Christians in the United States, Africa, and Asia. Leaders from a number of these continents have become integral components in the development of firmly establishing WILD regionally and several thousand nationals have received quality spiritual leadership training.

Early in 2010, WILD applied and was awarded the 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt non-profit organization status. In July 2011, WILD hosted the inaugural WILD African Summit where fifteen Zambians, Ugandans, and a Zimbabwean joined together with Americans to consider the direction and expansion of WILD.

How we improve Youth Christian Lives

Over half of Africa’s population is 25 and younger. Who is developing the minds of African and Asian youth?
WILD offers biblical leadership material that is simple, understandable and culturally transferable. Several world views are attempting to capture the minds of the young people. Whatever worldviews aggressively pursues the next generation, will control their respective continents in the future.

Core Values and Culture

God Honoring
Serving One Another
Empower Others

Our Strategy

– We are actively becoming known in the USA.
– We strive to be a key influencer in developing biblical leaders worldwide.
– We seek American youth to develop them as spiritual leaders.
– WILD is expanding a succession plan to last for ages.
– WILD strives to become financially sustainable.

Our Vision, Mission, & Values

Our Vision:

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Our Mission: 

We are a Christ centered, international organization intentionally implementing biblical leadership principles to leaders of all ages.

Our Values:

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Current Happenings

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Another WILD Mini Triathlon is in the books! – A HUGE thank you to all who participated and or helped behind the scenes– this would not have happened without you! 

Congratulations to the winners!

Top Overall Male winner – Devon Byers

Top Overall Female Winner – Jean Lyons

Top Overall Male Kayak Winner – Devon Byers

Top Overall Male Swim Winner – Pete Zambon 

Top Overall Female Kayak Winner – Jean Lyons

Top Overall Female Swim Winner – Holly Bergman

We hope to see you , and several of your friends, come out for our next Mini-Triathlon–  Mark your calendars it is scheduled for August 28, 2021


Photos taken by Rhonda Beatty.  (Edited for Website by WILD Ministries)


WILD - Introduction

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