Original Material

We teach a Biblical understanding of leadership by showing how God develops leaders. Our materials teach what God desires for leaders in a systematic way. We use Bible characters to clarify these principles from Scripture.

Because we believe that God desires excellence in His leaders, we have a high level of commitment to spiritual growth. The Bible makes it clear that leadership is an influence. Therefore we invest in our leaders by supplying the best quality original materials.

First of all, it gives them the discipleship tools to develop other leaders. It also offers understanding of what the Christian leader needs to believe in comparison to what the world teaches about leadership. This is crucial in order to maintain Biblical integrity in the church.

Most importantly, we offer these materials electronically or in hard copy for free. This makes them available anywhere in the world. Because they have been developed from the Bible itself, they are easily understood in any cultural context.

We believe that church leaders are the gatekeepers of the church. They are the guardians of the doctrine that is taught to the members. Therefore it is their responsibility to maintain their own knowledge of the Scriptures and to teach others as well. Our original materials enable them to do that easily.

It’s easy to get started with this training, everything is laid out so it can begin right away. Each study has discussion questions and Scripture references. Anyone can teach the studies, regardless of their education level. That feature gives a broader base for leadership training.

Finally, the early church leaders took discipleship and training very seriously. They knew that the future of the church depended upon the transference of true doctrine. This is just as important today. We must renew our commitment to training leaders in Scriptural truth