National Leaders

When someone learns the spiritual and leadership material, Biblical worldview and mentoring, they can become a national trainer. They also earn a Certificate of Accomplishment.

What Makes a National Trainer?

A national trainer is a spiritual coach. They are positive and encourage the people around them. They also have a teachable spirit. They show this by going through all of the training materials.

We find our national trainers in a variety of ways. First of all, people are invited to the conferences through networks, friends, and relationships in the community. We also work hard to build relationships with the local churches. This creates a partnership of discipleship.

After people have been trained by a national team leader, they take the material and teach it in their own culture and style. Our team is available if there are questions or issues. However, we want the leader to stand on their own as much as possible.

Trainers should show a love for God and family. They need to have a good cultural understanding so they can communicate the teaching with confidence. Also, they should be devoted to prayer and growing in faith. These are the qualities we seek to transfer to the youth in Africa

Finally, our national trainers need to have the servant heart of Jesus. They must be willing to consider others to be more important than themselves. They should be humble and teachable. They have a desire to reach the lost. They want to see souls saved. A trainer should care for the body, mind, and spirit of his students. They should desire to see young Christians mature.

God is not seeking perfect people, He just wants willing people. His grace is sufficient for our weakness. He is the one who empowers us and gives us strength. If you are willing to do His will, He will make you able to do it.