WILD Prayer 3.21.22

Join us in praising the Lord that His great mercy and grace that is offered to all. His salvation is a free gift. Numerous trainings occurred throughout Africa in the past two weeks. Many people were significantly challenged to develop in their commitments to the Lord and to disciple.

Special Requests – 1) Medical situations for a couple of people in the WILD family. Christina (Malawi) is sick and in a lot of pain, and medical treatment is not working well. And the daughter of WILD team member in India dealing with tuberculosis

2) March 31-April 2, WILD has a booth at the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association annual conference offering Leadership Development class material and to sign up. If you know of a school official that is looking for this type of class, contact the WILD office.

3) WILD is in need of a race director for our WILD Hodag Mini-Tri, on August 27th. If interested, contact the WILD office.

Please pray 1 Corinthians 9:19-23

* African Coordinator & South central Africa Reg Dir Henry & Catherine Mukonda & family.

* Zambia National Director Alan Kasungami and his family along with the Zambian team and families – Samuel Yawila, Naphtali Musansa, Leward Captain, Lewis Kulya, Leah Kajoba, Hellen Chimba, Brian Chansa, Anthony Chitambala and Gabriel Kolala.

* Malawi National Director Richard and Memory Chirwa and family, and other National team and families of Morton Kalua, Kingsley Kaunda, Christopher Mwaupighu

* Zimbabwe National Director Mairos and Tsitsi Mubvumbi and family, along with Vincent

Zimbanje. Edson Muchemwa, Tariro Mutototwa, Victor Makarati, and their families.

*Botswana National Director Petrus Moleboge and team and all their families.

1 Corinthians 9:19-23 Even though I am a free man with no master, I have become a slave to all people to bring many to Christ. When I was with the Jews, I lived like a Jew to bring the Jews to Christ. When I was with those who follow the Jewish law, I too lived under that law. Even though I am not subject to the law, I did this so I could bring to Christ those who are under the law. When I am with the Gentiles who do not follow the Jewish law, I too live apart from that law so I can bring them to Christ. But I do not ignore the law of God; I obey the law of Christ. When I am with those who are weak, I share their weakness, for I want to bring the weak to Christ. Yes, I try to find common ground with everyone, doing everything I can to save some. I do everything to spread the Good News and share in its blessings.