New Section Coming to Our App!

We are excited to announce a new study material! 

Did you know we have a mobile phone app too? It’s called the WILD Leadership App.

After months of working behind the scenes we are excited to announce that beginning on January 3rd 2022, we will be adding a Devotion section to the app!  Every other Monday we will be posting a devotion written by a fellow WILD Member and topics vary based on our Leadership Material and prayer calendar.  This new section will replace the ‘Donate’ section on the app homepage.  (You can still donate to WILD by accessing the Donate tab on your side menu) 

Our devotions can only be accessed via the app

To Download our App:  Search “WILD Leadership App” & look for the icon pictured below.
iPhone users: Download our App from the Apple App Store
Apple iPad users: Download our App from the Apple App Store
Android Phone users: Download our APP from the Google Play Store
Android Tablet users: Download our App from the Google Play Store


We hope to offer this as a weekly devotional in time.  If you are a WILD Member and would like to help make this a reality by contributing a devotion, please contact our International Director at or Nicki Henderson at