WILD Prayer December 7, 2020

Please pray with us for the following leaders…

* West Africa regional coordinator David Mulbah and his family (4 children) – wisdom and spiritual insight. 

* Liberia National Director Moses Kerkulah and his family and the Liberian team and families, Germue Kwenah, Peter Flomo Jr., Jeremy Bono, Moses Dolo, Hawa Koko, Loila Nyama, Hawa Kweyeteh and Willifred Bemah along with their families.

* Ivory Coast National Director Bishop Blaise Dadie and family, along with national team.

* Sierra Leone National Director Patrick Fofana and his family and the national team. Member Michael Davis, Paul Taralwally, John Kamara, Medna Fofana, Elizabeth Faiya, Kadie Sesay and Mrs. Fofana.

* Benin National Director Olumumy Germain,  and national team members Kpatinvoh, Jami Romian, Houngbola Yesssoufou, Ahouandjinou, Aruona Rafatou.

* Togo National Director Emmanuel Kossi Zagana and national team members Adjogah, Koffi Blewussi, Adjogah Soussoule Kodjo, Yawo  Kpelevi, Banbotche Tchina, Carrole, Adjo VIGLO.

* Ghana National Director Samuel Mohenu and Team.

* People affected by the Covid-19 issues & flooding – food shortages and death.  

* For many WILD trainers who are discipling.  Wisdom and spiritual insight as they teach.

** Financial gifts to help bless WILD trainers in WILD countries and WILD needs.

* In coming weeks, WILD National teams meeting to strategize for coming year!

Thanks for Praying,