Titus Email – September 2019

Volume 13, Number 9– SEPTEMBER, 2019

Greetings.  Too often I forget to thank you for praying for WILD and those involved with WILD.  You are a wonderful blessing and a vital role player in this ministry.  God is involving WILD in more ministry opportunities than ever before.  Please keep fervently praying for WILD.  Thank you.                                           Mike


Before sports practice one day, we coaches agreed to just complain about everything to make our point.  The players actually asked each other what was wrong with the coaches as it was not our habit to complain.  The truth of the matter was as the coaches complained, we did not know if the complaints were actual statements of truth or just made up statements.
          This went on for about thirty minutes when we gathered our football players and let them know we were complaining for a reason.  The athletes got the message that people of good character do not complain, that quality behavior rises above levels of complaining.
          Students of the Bible know that Philippians 2:14 indicates, ”Do everything without complaining and arguing.”  In other words, whatever you do and say, have it be helpful to build others up.  Complaining is basically tearing down others.  Expressing your displeasure or dissatisfaction towards others or a situation normally results in tearing down others. 
          This this does not mean we are forbidden to express displeasure or when there is a problem, but it is how we do it, what our attitude is toward the person or situation.  If we pursue wanting to make the person(s) who at the time is our focal point, of less value in the eyes of others and even that person we are focused on, then we are complaining and even to the point of slandering the person. 
          We do not like to be around complaining people.  They are like an irritating drip from a water facet or a fly/mosquito that constantly is buzzing around our head.  When complaining, people are negative and you just want to get away from them.  So if we are complainers, who are we pushing away from us? 
          People do not consider complainers to be blameless or above reproach nor a correct representation of Jesus.  Jesus did not complain.  He spoke the truth about people and situations but did it to build people up and draw them to the truth of who He was.  Having the apostles around you, to include the personalities of Peter and the sons of thunder, James and John, could cause you to want to complain about how they dealt with issues.   Lovingly correcting them, Jesus would build them up and not tear them apart. 
          To constantly indicate that things do not go right for me or I never get a break, though there normally is some truth to statements like that, I forget who is in control of all things and yes, living on earth is not heaven.  There will be times when it seems everything is going wrong for us, that everyone is against us, but if we keep that in spite of it all, Jesus loves us no matter what and He is with us at every moment, it can immensely help our attitudes. 
          A lack of complaining is noticed by others.  When we go through difficult situations or when we could really blast someone for what they did to us, and we choose to build others up, acknowledging the truth involved, our witness for Jesus becomes like a bright star on a clear night.  We stick out in a positive manner. 
          The next time we have the urge to complain about someone or something, check our attitudes and keep distasteful, unpleasant words and thoughts out of the conversation.  Ask Jesus to help control our minds and to represent Him well.


The probability is extremely high that if your parents did not have children, you will not either.  Take a minute to think that one through.  We all have parents and so when we are told to honor our mother and father (Ephesians 6:2), what does that mean?
          One of the first meanings is to respect them.  Respect is abiding to the feelings, wishes and rights of your parents.  If they indicate you are to do something or not to do something, and you go against those directives, you are not showing respect by your disobedience. 
          Obedience is definitely part of that honor definition.  As younger children and teenagers, how much we truly honor our parents is revealed by our level of obedience.  You can say you honor your parents but if you are not obeying them, your level of honor is low or even non-existent.
If you are told by your parents to do something contrary to what the Bible indicates, follow scripture.  Respecting authorities in our world today is not a popular concept.  If we do not like a certain authority figure or something where we are told not to do, it is okay to be disrespectful.  If you say you are a Christian, respecting authorities is part of who and what we do as Christians. 
          Another part of the meaning is being a child of your parents, you are a reflection of your family and when you show a positive reflection, you honor your parents.  Their reputation is affected by your behavior.  If your parents are working to present an honorable name in your community and you do something to tarnish that name, that does not bring honor to your parents.  This will often be true throughout their and your whole life
          Honoring your parents also includes listening them for insight and often not doing some of the things that created heartaches in your parents’ lives.  They want to spare you of dumb or improper things they did, so you do not have to go through similar pain and suffering. 
          As you get older and no longer under the authority of your parents, you honor your parents by having them as advisors, seeking their input in matters where you need counsel.  Parents have wisdom young people do not have yet and are normally a great resource for guidance.  Most parents appreciate being included and asked for their input plus they want the best for their children, regardless of how old their children are. 
          When we bought our house years ago, I purposely involved both my father and grandfather in the discussions of the soundness of the house and if they had any reservations about the house.  They both had built their own homes and had lived in more houses that I had ever lived in, so they had insight I had not had yet.  They were thrilled be included and to share area of expertise that were of great help to us. 
          Showing love and care to your parents brings honor.  This includes being kind and considerate of who they are as people created in God’s image, much less that they are you parents.  They have feelings and same intrinsic needs you have so know that showing love and concern for them throughout their lives reveals volumes of honor. 
          Someday if you marry and have children, you will want your children to honor you by their obedience and respect for you.  If you want to see that happen, it is wise to make sure you are showing the same presently to your parents, even though in some cases, parents are not acting like proper parents.  Here is where you ask Jesus to give you a heart of grace and mercy toward them and love them like Jesus would.