Youth Ministry Training

Youth Ministry Training raises up the next generation for Christ. We lead the way in this mission with our original materials. These materials can be used by either a pastor or a volunteer. This feature gives us a broader field to work.

What is Youth Ministry Training?

Youth Ministry Training teaches practical skills for young people who are called to youth ministry. As with our other training, young people learn material that has Biblical accuracy and cultural relevance. Therefore, we give these young people the tools they need to impact their peers for Christ.

First of all, youth ministers attend the youth camps and conferences. That is where they learn the material on spiritual leadership and Biblical worldview. Then they are mentored so they can develop the skills needed to train others. After that, they are encouraged to put what they have learned into practice.

Young people face both enormous challenges and opportunities. Technology is evolving at a rapid rate and impacts nearly every part of our daily lives. These young people are on the cutting edge of this new technology. We must train them to use it for the kingdom of God.

We find that when young people are theologically informed and practically trained, they can accomplish great things for God. Their enthusiasm and energy can be used by the Holy Spirit to spread the gospel to many of their friends. Therefore, it is vitally important to equip them for ministry.

This is why we place such a high priority on youth ministry training. As young people begin to ask questions about their faith, we want to supply the answers. We want trained youth ministers who can reach their peers much more effectively than an older adult.

Finally, we equip teens to meet the challenges of their culture. As they graduate, they will find many who oppose their faith. We want them to stand strong and be disciple makers.