Youth Invites

Our Youth Invites consist of Youth Camp Conferences. These conferences are designed to build relationships between leaders and young people. We hope that these relationships will provide discipleship opportunities.

Youth Invites Conferences

We actively seek young people to attend seminars and conferences. The young people are encouraged to join one on one conversations with the leaders and speakers. We lead them through these four phases:

Learn spiritual leadership material.
Learn world view material
Offer an African perspective
Teach others what you have learned

Youth Camp Conferences train young people to be disciple makers. They learn to build relationships and practice peer discipleship. Teaching what you have learned is the key principle in all of our training.

Youth pastors also involve teenagers in Bible studies. We use intentional, Christ-centered materials to start conversations. Youth Invites also encourage teens to introduce their friends to Christ in a non-threatening environment.

Teens also learn that even though it’s easy to impress someone from far away, it’s hard to do that in a close relationship. This teaching motivates them to maintain a good witness and a sincere faith. 1 Tim. 1:5 It also teaches them to care about others.

Reaching the youth is a key strategy to impact the future of each culture. The future of the church depends upon transferring our faith to the next generation. However, it also depends upon their ability to transfer it to the generation which will come after theirs. Therefore, it is crucial to train young people in sound doctrine and discipleship.

Youth Invites and Youth Camp Conferences accomplish both of those goals in a setting that is relevant for teens. They encourage young people to form close, mentoring relationships with leaders and peers. Finally, they use materials that are Biblical and adapted to their own culture. This will equip them to impact their generation for Christ