Women’s Spiritual Leadership

Women’s Spiritual Leadership is an important aspect of our ministry. We are committed to helping women fulfill their Biblical role in the church. Women identify their spiritual gifts and we teach them how to use them.

What is Women’s Spiritual Leadership?

We teach women’s spiritual leadership through Bible studies. These studies focus on the women in the Bible and how God worked through them. This strikes the perfect balance between Biblical standards and cultural shifts.

God designed women to fill a certain role in the order of creation. She was created to be a helper to man. Although she is equal to man in the sight of God, her role is different. God designed her to be a good listener. Women also form deep friendships and have a natural empathy. These qualities make her a wise counselor.

First of all, women are very influential in the lives of children. Therefore, they play a major role in the area of youth ministry. We view women as valuable co-workers in the kingdom of God. This view follows the teaching of the apostle Paul. Romans 16:1-2

Secondly, we support women as they mentor other women. The Bible tells women to do this in Titus 2:3-5. Women do this naturally as God designed them to do. They are nurturers who love to see people grow and thrive.

Women are sensitive and insightful observers. Because of this, we find that women can often open doors for ministry more easily than men. Opening doors is crucial to cross-cultural ministry. That is why we train women to take an active role.

Finally, church history shows that Christian women contribute to ministry in other significant ways. They care for the sick and elderly. They oversee homeless ministries. Women also act as nurses and medical staff. These ministries give us many opportunities to spread the gospel.