Mission Trips

Traveling to another culture is a wonderful experience. It can also be intimidating if you go on your own. That is why we offer mission trips with the support of our native contacts.

Mission Trips

We offer trips to our partner countries of Zambia, Liberia, Uganda, Namiba, Malawi, and Nepal. Adults and older youth are welcome to join us. Before the trip, we require visitors to complete our training. Visitors who know our philosophy will have a much richer experience.

However, these trips are for a mission rather than sight-seeing. We will take you to our ministry partners throughout Africa and Asia. You will get to see first hand what all of our training is about. You will meet our national trainers and see the impact our training has on the youth. You will also connect with the youth of different cultures.

First of all, mission trips often help people to determine their calling. Some people are definitely called to go overseas. Others are called to stay in their country of origin to raise funds and manage resources. However, it is difficult to know which way you are called. People who go on short term mission trips often find clarity in their calling.

Secondly, mission trips give a broader perspective of the world-wide Body of Christ. Connecting with believers in other cultures is a beautiful experience. You will worship with African and Asian Christians. You will be able to encourage one another and build each other up in the faith. This will give you a new appreciation for the glory of Christ in the church.

Finally, you form life-long friendships from mission trips. Social media makes overseas communication free and easy. Your life will be enriched by the diversity found in another culture. Young people, in particular, can benefit from this. However, making a new friend is something anyone can do, regardless of their age. Contact us for more information about our trips.