Titus Connection

Titus Connection (used to be called Titus Emails) connect us to our trainers. In fact, they train the trainers. We know that spiritual leadership is not just a seminar, it is a journey. Titus Connection blog posts enable us to travel that journey with our leaders.

What is Titus Connection?

Titus Connection is a blog that helps us to build relationship with our leaders. We also use them to teach and train them. The blog posts act as a resource for exhortation and encouragement. It helps to keep them energized in their work. It also helps them to progress in their development.

First of all, these blog posts, are patterned after the apostle Paul’s letter to one of his young pastors, Titus. Paul gives him encouragement and instruction on how to build the church. Titus 2 outlines the mentoring pattern that we follow in all of our ministries. That is why we named them after this book.

Secondly, they are full of principles and topics for growth in the leader’s relationship with the Lord. We use them to invest in our leaders’ personal development. That makes them different from our other materials which are designed to share with others.

Finally, we make them available to anyone who is going through our original materials. They are not limited to our international spiritual leaders. It is our desire to see everyone encouraged and growing in their faith.

We established the Titus emails over ten years ago, and just recently updated them to blog posts. They are offered to anyone who is interested in becoming a spiritual leader. We consider them to be a part of our essential training along with our original materials.

If you are concerned about the challenges you face as a Christian each day, sign up for our Titus Connection. The information will keep you anchored in God’s truth. Also, they will encourage your spiritual growth. Contact us to get signed up.